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I would like to personally welcome you to the Munster Chamber of Commerce website and to our wonderful community. It is one of the best places in Indiana to live, work and raise a family.


I am very excited as the new Chairman of the Board of the Munster Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors to see what we can accomplish together as a team to enrich and enlighten our community in 2022! The Munster Chamber of Commerce understands that to have a strong economic environment you must have a strong community. We are truly honored to have in our membership community leaders, business owners, educators and citizens who realize that we all share in the responsibility of creating economic success and happiness within our community.


The Chamber’s vision is to utilizes the strength of business and civic leaders to build success in our community and promote economic growth. We also work toward improving the quality of life for all through the support and commitment of its members, volunteers, and committees. The Chamber is proud to sponsor events throughout the year to help support the community.


As the 2021-2022 Chairman of the Board, I am honored to work alongside our dedicated Board who all share the same vision, business growth and healthy community environment.


If you are not a member of the Munster Chamber of Commerce, please join us today. Your membership will benefit your business and the community. I look forward to working with everyone during my time as President.




Brad Hemingway, Strategize Wealth Management Group


Chairman of the Board, Munster Chamber of Commerce


Did You Know?

22,800 people live in Munster, Indiana

$81,000 is the average annual income for households in Munster

87% of residents in Munster own their homes

Median age of a Munster resident is 45

Munster is located 29 miles from Chicago


The Munster Chamber of Commerce utilizes the strength of volunteer business and civic leaders to build success of our business community and promote economic growth




The Munster Chamber of Commerce is a united group of local business and civic leaders who volunteer their time and resources to advance the wealth and stability of the business community through active networking, mentorship and entrepreneurial education.

Why should I join the Munster Chamber of Commerce?

Being a member of the Munster Chamber of Commerce has been and continues to be a rewarding experience.  The Chamber plays an active role in helping Horizon Bank establish relationships throughout Munster and Lake County.  Their community events are fun and great networking opportunities.

Michelle Luna

Horizon Bank

The Munster Chamber of Commerce offers another venue to showcase our community as an excellent place to live, work, shop, educate and play.  Local government works closely with businesses to provide a safe, secure, supportive environment to help businesses prosper and remain attractive to an ever-widening customer base.

Dave Shafer, Retired Clerk-Treasurer

Town of Munster

We've been members of the Munster Chamber of Commerce for over 20 years...why? Excellent networking, friendly members, fun events, a myriad amount of opportunities to promote our businesses.. and at the same time...helping to make our local communities a better place!  Small businesses have many choices regarding marketing, advertising, and networking.  We choose to stay involved in organizations that has shown us results.  We really enjoy being a part of the dynamic Chamber

Karen M. Maravilla and Raymundo Garcia

It's Just Serendipity, El Taco Real Restaurant, and the Downtown Hammond Council

I've been a member of the Munster Chamber of Commerce for 36 years. Our Chamber gives me great opportunities for networking with other businesses to help by business and meeting new people and making new friends.  The Munster Chamber is also a great resource for our Munster Community as well as other communities in Northwest Indiana.

Kaaren A. Mashura

Shaklee Products Distributor

I've been a Munster Chamber of Commerce member for about 9 years.  I served on the Board of Directors for the last 6.  As you attend events and serve on committees you will have the opportunity to interact with many other business professionals.  As others get to know you, they get to know your business.  This naturally equates with growing your business.  I have seen tremendous growth in my business through my Chamber relationships.  Some of these relationships have turned into friendships.  There are many intangible benefits to being an active Chamber member.  I highly recommend it!

Pat Popa

Popa Heating and Cooling

Joining the Munster Chamber of Commerce provides a number of benefits to small business owners. Since joining the Munster Chamber, I have had the opportunity to get into my local community and meet other business professionals, business owners, and network on a consistent basis.  As a small business owner myself, often times I need a little motivation to go out and network because of the daily demands of running a business.  There are usually several events each month that the Chamber organizes and I try to make it to at least one each month because I know my return on investment will be higher the more active I am. The opportunity to join committees has also been a great bonus because I can connect with Chamber members directly and on a consistent basis. I am very happy that I made the decision to join the Munster Chamber and looking forward t continuing my membership for many years to come.

Michelle Cox-Vergara

Michelle Cox Photography

I've been with the Munster Chamber of Commerce 5 out of the 6 years I've been in business. I knew as a solopreneur witha service based business that had no brick and mortar location for people to visit, I had to get involved with the business community through the Chamber of Commerce in order to let people know who I was and what I did. I whole heartedly believe in our Chamber and it has proven to be a great supporter and grower of my business. More than that, I have gotten to know GREAT businesses and business owners in our community who I believe in and would recommend their business/produce/service without hesitation.

Katie Sannito

The Gourmet Goddess


Welcome New Members
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Pop-Up Networking

Johnny's Tap

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Event: 5 pm - 7 pm

May 2023 General Membership Meeting

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Cloister in the Woods

Registration and Networking: 11:30 am - 12 pm | Lunch and Meeting: 12 pm - 1 pm


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